Improving the environment with aeration and scrubbers.

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View videos of Aience systems, Aquablaster products, and Scrubber Deoriser products (videos are in Japanese)

Integrated wastewater treatment facility at food factory complex

Video length: 1min 54sec.

Comparison of Aquablaster and other products

View the difference between Aquablaster and other product (aerator)

Video length: 33sec.

Movement of fluidized bed employing Aquablaster

View Aquablaster’s generation of extremely strong circulating flow

Video length: 36sec.

Video of aeration with Aquablaster

This video is an actual recording of the aeration process with Aquablaster.

View microscopic bubbles and ultra-fine foam in the process of sinking.
Video length: 1min. 28sec.

Computer-animated video illustrating the principles Aquablaster works on

Aquablaster principles

View the principle by which ultra-fine foam spreads throughout the entire tank. With this process, electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 45%!
Video length: 1min. 25sec.

Basic dust collection and deodorization principles

Introducing Aience’s dust collection and deodorization technologies

View exhaust gas being broken down so that it is sure to pass through the water film.
Video length: 1min. 06sec.

Video of sludge eater in action

The sludge eater at work in a painting booth

You can see the process of vigorous water circulation and purification.
Video length: 19sec.

Aience general information video

General information about Aience systems.

In Japanese, the word for “purification” is written with the character “浄”, meaning “cleanse” and composed of elements meaning “water” and “battle.” This aptly illustrates the basis of Aience technology, in which water is sent forth to battle for purification.
Video length: 12min. 20sec.

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