Improving the environment with aeration and scrubbers.

Greatly reduced wastewater treatment costs Standard diffusion pipe in the future

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced sludge output
  • Zero odor generation
  • Adjustment tank as a pre-processing tank
  • Powerful stirring inside a tank
  • Pressurized flotation unit elimination
  • Sewage discharge without activated sludge
Aquablaster FY2005 Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry NBK Grand Prize Prize in the Environment and Amenities category

Aquablaster makes a difference compared to other diffusion pipes! Six features of Aquablaster

1 Outstanding oxygen dissolution power

Even compared to products of other manufacturers in this category, the top level of oxygen dissolution power is promised.

Levels of oxygen dissolution efficiency that have been open to the public cannot be used as indicators in comparison because of the lack of definite measurement criteria.

Outstanding oxygen dissolution power

2 Reduced cost of electricity

Compared to membrane type diffusers, since there is no pressure loss, an energy-saving effect that reduces power consumption is produced.

Reduced cost of electricity

3 Reduced sludge output

Sludge output is reduced because SS and oil content are pulverized into particles small enough for microorganisms to eat easily.

Pulverization of sludge is prevented by adjusting the air volume.

Reduced sludge output

4 Guarantee of zero odor generation

Microorganisms are made to perform full aerobic respiration metabolism so that no odor such as hydrogen sulfide is generated.

Limited to the installations designed by Aience.

Guarantee of zero odor generation

5 Powerful stirring inside a tank

Sludge on the bottom is swept up and its accumulation is prevented to eliminate anaerobic areas.

Such a substance as silica and calcium is also prevented from settling.

Powerful stirring inside a tank

6 AIS, which realizes pressurized flotation unit elimination and sewage discharge without activated sludge

If a tank in which pre-processing can be performed by Aquablaster is available, it is also possible to eliminate pressurized flotation.

AIS, which realizes pressurized flotation unit elimination and sewage discharge without activated sludge

Energy-saving oxygen dissolution by using powerful currents! Both high oxygen dissolution efficiency and powerful stirring convection are realized.

Microscopic air bubbles are generated by making the gas and the liquid collide with the blades in the Aquablaster diffuser pipe.

5 minutes later
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Excellent oxygen dissolution efficiency

Microscopic air bubbles are generated by making air collide with hard internal protrusions, which increase the dissolved oxygen concentration in high-load wastewater or circulating water. Oxygen is spread over the inside by the diffusion pipe to support microorganisms for aerobic respiration and maximize metabolic and biodegradation capabilities.

Oxygen dissolution efficiency
Take a good look at the sinking air bubbles.

Major savings with Aquablaster

Treatment with Aquablaster alone enables discharge into sewage water.

Reduced for savings of ¥12 million per year
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Incorporate Aquablaster into your existing water tank, and there is no need for a pressurized flotation unit.

Reduced for savings of ¥19 million per year
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Electricity bills are dramatically lower when diffuser is replaced with Aquablaster.

Reduced for savings of ¥2.2 million per year
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Circulating water lifespan is extended by a factor of 5 to 20 and sludge volume drastically.

Reduced for savings of ¥8.5 million per year
For details

Although in the past our claims, of assimilating oils and SS, etc. with aeration and biological treatment only and no activated sludge or pressurized flotation unit, have been considered far-fetched according to the conventional wisdom surrounding water treatment, we have built up a track record of over 15 years and have made over 100 deliveries of entire systems to customers including major plant operators, major baked goods plants and automakers.

45% reduction in electricity consumption(compared to disc-type diffuser)

Results of comparative experiment with two units running simultaneously over a 90-day period showed that approx. 45% less electricity is consumed by Aquablaster compared with a disc-type diffuser.
Power-saving advantage
Power-saving advantage
Experimental conditions
Experimental conditions
Air volume:0.75m³/min
Water temperature:24-31℃
No. of days :90 days

While the initial cost may be somewhat higher, running costs are drastically reduced as there is no need to replace diffuser pipes and electricity bills are much lower.

Disc-type diffuser

Disc-type diffuser



Stirring convection of micro-bubbles is the key to wastewater purification

  • Sludge does not settle to the bottom easily.
  • Microscopic air bubbles spread over the entire tank.

How well microorganisms can perform anaerobic respiration metabolism is an important point for the maintenance of the environment of a wastewater tank.

Pressure loss is even greater with tube-type diffuser

Electricity costs are even more greatly reduced compared to tube-type diffuser!
Pressure loss approx. 700mmAq
tube-type diffuser

Reason why the processing capability of the Aquablaster
diffusion pipe is high

It is because organic matter is pulverized for full aerobic respiration metabolism.

An unpleasant odor indicates that microorganisms' metabolism is weak.

*This is a very simple mechanism from a biology standpoint,
but for some reason, there is no other equipment on the market that applies it.

[Unpleasant odors and treatment mechanisms]

1. Aerobic respiration

1. Aerobic respiration

When organic material enters the water, microorganisms begin to biodegrade itforcefully. In this process, however, they consume large amounts of oxygen.

Water treatment effective

2. Anaerobic respiration

2. Anaerobic respiration

When oxygen is rapidly consumed, the environment becomes bereft of oxygen and respiration of other substances such as sulfur ions begins. This is known as "anaerobic respiration," which generates byproducts such as hydrogen sulfide.

Water treatment ineffective

3. Anaerobic fermentation

3. Anaerobic fermentation

When sulfur ions start to be consumed as well, the process turns to "anaerobic fermentation" and putrefactive gases such as acetic acid, butyric acid, and propionic acid gas are generated.

Water treatment ineffective

4. Aerobic respiration

4. Aerobic respiration

Aquablaster facilitates the aerobic respiration of microorganisms for efficient water treatment without putrefaction.

Water treatment effective

Common misunderstandings...!!

It is not the type of microorganism that is important, but their metabolism.

Metabolic efficiency varies by as much as 20x depending on the DO (dissolved oxygen) concentration in water. Once the oxygen level enters this zone, efficiency will plummet and your equipment investments will have been wasted.

Nearly a 20x difference in efficiency upon entering this zone

Applications/Supply record

Aquablaster is applied in a wide variety of fields.

Industrial wastewater treatment

  • Treatment of wastewater from food processing
  • Treatment of wastewater containing mineral oils
  • Treatment of wastewater from livestock farming
  • Treatment of wastewater from industrial waste processing

Purification and recycling of circulating water

  • Purification and recycling of circulating water for washing
  • Sludge reduction and recycling of circulating water for solvent-based paints
  • Purification and recycling of circulating water for water-based paints

Prevention of rotting in building cesspits

  • Purification of building cesspit wastewater and prevention of rotting
  • Prevention of rotting odors from grease traps


  • Ground water treatment
  • Pond purification
  • Product mixing
  • Dust collection and deodorization of low air-volume gases

Aquablaster diffuser pipe standard specifications

Basic flow diagram / Sewage water discharge

Basic flow diagram / Sewage water discharge

Basic flow diagram / River discharge

Basic flow diagram / River discharge

AS Series diagram

AS Series diagram

AL Series diagram

AL Series diagram

AS Series Installation example

AS Series Installation example
  • Recommended water depth: 600 – 2000mm (does not necessarily apply when using equalizing tank)
  • Air spray angle: approx. 30 degrees

AL Series Installation example

AL Series Installation example
  • Recommended water depth: 1500 – 6000mm (does not necessarily apply in the case of high-load circulating water such as in painting booths or deep shaft aeration)
  • Air spray angle: approx. 30 degrees

*Installation is generally performed so that wave bursts sweep across the water surface, but this does not necessarily apply depending on load, etc. Feel free to consult Aience.
(Unit: mm)

Specification table

Product namePart numberApplied air volumeSizeConnecting part

*Air volume can be adjusted or unit produced to custom specifications.
Do not hesitate to consult Aience!

For any question about wastewater, circulating water, and exhaust gas treatment, feel free to contact us.

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