Improving the environment with aeration and scrubbers.

Exhaust Gas Treatment

Exhaust Gas Treatment with Aience's Scrubber

Securely capturing odorous components and fine powder dust with Aience's special technologies. Revolutionary scrubber that purifies contaminated air through the circulating water.

Aience's unique exhaust gas treatment system that solves the foul odor and powder dust problems in various factories.
Solving the problems of conventional scrubbers, such as the high electricity cost, cleaning cost and sludge treatment cost, and greatly reducing the annual running cost; an unprecedented next generation exhaust gas treatment equipment.

Exhaust Gas Treatment Product Lineup

Aience's Exhaust Gas Treatment System for deodorization and dust collection in a wide range of factories ranging from large to small scale.

View the Installation of Exhaust Gas Treatment System

Responding to odoriferous substances generated in various factoriesExerting an effect on the improvement of the work environment and the cutting of costs.

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