Improving the environment with aeration and scrubbers.

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Out cutting-edge technology and vast experience helps customer which solution to reach their goals in CSR and reduces their carbon footprint.
The AIS (Aience Innovative System) reduces sludge, remove foul odors and increase energy saving.
With 100% gas-liquid contact water film type scrubbers, Aience solves exhaust gas treatment problems.

Wastewater, circulating water,
and exhaust gas treatment systems provided by Aience

Wastewater treatment Wastewater treatment

Our solutions for wastewater allows you to discharge effluent quality sewage through diffusion pipe aeration pipe.

Wastewater treatment document downloads

Exhaust gas treatment Exhaust gas treatment

All odors and dust are captured through water film formation by scrubbers! The mechanism for such operation is introduced.

Exhaust gas treatment product
Download the exhaust gas treatment document

For any question about wastewater, circulating water, and exhaust gas treatment, feel free to contact us.

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