Aience provides comprehensive solutions and systems
to improve environments in all types of factories
through exhaust gas, wastewater and circulating water technology.

Sewage water discharge standards met through aeration and bio-injection only, without using pressurized flotation or activated sludge!

*Guaranteed zero generation of hydrogen sulfide and rotting odors! (can also be applied to activated sludge process)

45% reduction in electricity costs!!
45% reduction in electricity costs!!

While producing great numbers of microscopic air bubbles, the system draws water up from below and generates an intense circulating flow, achieving a 45% reduction in diffuser electricity consumption with the same air volume ratio!

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Formation of a "water film" reliably captures odors and dust that showers and infill material can't!

(Also performs strongly against exhaust gas containing resin and tar)

Water film works wonders!
Water film works wonders!

Showers and infill material have never been able to capture all the odors and dust they're supposed to, but the technique of forming water film offers a drastically improved capture rate. This system is also equipped with an automatic cleansing function for circulating water.

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  • Blastertank


    Next-generation purification system solves all your wastewater treatment worries!

  • Aquablaster


    Powerful water currents for oxygen dissolution with minimal energy consumption! Combines high oxygen solubility with powerful convective stirring.

  • Scrubber Deoriser

    Scrubber Deoriser

    Deodorizer combining the three key elements of dust collection, deodorizing and sludge treatment.