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Exhaust gas treatment system

Compare with other scrubbers!

Up to this volume was captured only in a few days! One of the largest yakitori (grilled chicken) processing plants in Japan
Up to this volume was captured only in a few hours! Rubber product manufacturing plant

In both cases, neighbors' complaints were resolved.

An exhaust gas is evenly divided into smaller volumes to pass through the water film.

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Reliable deodorization method based on water film
formation Water film type scrubber Deoriser

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Amazing! Deodorization power of the water film type Scrubber Deoriser!

From introduction of a large-scale deodorization facility

Motorcycle manufacturing plant

to introduction of small equipment...

PTFE processing plant

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Case 1

Organic solvent deodorization

The influence of solvent odors on the neighborhood is minimized!

Organic solvent deodorization

Since solvent odors were emitted when washing LCD color filters with a water-soluble organic solvent, there was a concern about the influence on the houses in the neighborhood. After introducing the water film type Scrubber Deoriser, it was confirmed that such substances as PGMEA water-soluble organic solvent and acetone could be captured without problems, and it was found that even one water film layer was enough for treatment.

A large volume of exhaust gas washable
Case 2

Paint drying furnace exhaust gas deodorization

It's OK to perform maintenance once every three to four months!

Paint drying furnace exhaust gas deodorization

In a newly constructed paint plant, measures for treating paint drying furnace exhaust gas odors were required by the department responsible for environmental problems in the government office. The water film type Scrubber Deoriser DR-16W system was then introduced. Although exhaust gas was thick, containing resin and tar, no odor-related problem has occurred for five years or more since the furnace started operating, and low running costs have been realized with maintenance performed once every three to four months.

No odor problems since the furnace started operating!
Case 3

Organic exhaust gas deodorization

No more complaints from neighbors!

Organic exhaust gas deodorization

In one of the top charcoal-grilled chicken processing plants, exhaust gas emitted during production was polluting the neighborhood. However, odors could be successfully eliminated by using the water film type Scrubber Deoriser DR-30W (FPR specifications) and deodorizer spraying chamber together for washing, and there have been no complaints from neighbors since then.

The Deoriser and deodorizer spraying chamber were used together for washing!

What is the water film type Scrubber Deoriser?

Both high oxygen dissolution efficiency and powerful stirring convection are realized by powerful water currents!

Capturing well by using water film!!

High gas-liquid contact efficiency is realized by forming water film on screens.

Purifying water quality with Aquablaster

The water film type Scrubber Deoriser prevents water from putrefying and slows sludge generation.

Why is water film necessary? Necessity of water film

water droplets

Examining things at the microscopic level…

The width of net-type infill material is approximately 2 mm and the openings approximately 5 mm. Looking at the microscopic level, odor-causing particulates have a diameter of one to five microns, and the water droplets that dislodge these particulates are about 150 microns in diameter. If we multiply these measurements by 1,000, we can visualize the particulates as 1 mm to 5 mm specks, and the water droplet the size of a softball, 15 centimeters across. Now visualize the infill material as being the width of a narrow road – two meters – while the openings are five meters in width, and it is easy to see why the gas-liquid contact is poor.

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