Improving the environment with aeration and scrubbers.

Wastewater treatment videos.

The prevention of rotten odors from wastewater is guranteed by Aquablaster

This is a story that tells how I, an architect, arrived at developing the Aquablaster to resolve the hydrogen sulfide problem of the hotel wastewater treatment facility. A must-see for customers having headaches because of the foul odor from the wastewater treatment facility. Enhanced the wastewater treatment capacity and eliminated the foul odor using the Aquablaster.

Microscopic bubbles and how water is swept up

This video is an actual recording of the aeration process with the Aquablaster diffusion pipe. View water being sucked well from the bottom and circulating without leaving anything on the bottom.

Case of sludge volume reduction

View the condition of a wastewater treatment facility in which 94 Aquablaster AL-750 units are installed.

Pulverization of SS (Suspended Solids) and oil content

The Aquablaster diffusion pipe pulverizes sludge with the power of an impact so that microorganisms can resolve sludge easily. Check the process with microscopic images.

Case of phenol volume reduction

When the aerator was replaced with the Aquablaster diffusion pipe in one tank, the phenol resolution efficiency was drastically increased.

AIS (Aience Innovative System)/Video of wastewater treatment Vol.2

Aience's wastewater treatment system in the limelight Aience Innovative System, which revolutionized the concept of decontamination systems, is explained in more detail and in an easier-to-understand way with moving picture images.

Aience has redefined wastewater treatment worldwide! Aience's New Definition/Video of wastewater treatment Vol.1

To those having difficulties with wastewater treatment, we offer a new definition for the future that eliminates unpleasant odors and the need for sludge treatment.

AIS for decontamination systems

This video introduces the AIS (Aience Innovative System), which revolutionized the concept of decontamination systems.

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